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So after some debates with the peeps in Discord we came up with some of these suggestions:

1. Don't allow mount/pet name changes, that way we can still use the /target command in PvP without tagging a lvl 30 hedgehog.

2. Limit the dailies. If you're gonna add new content please don't make all of it daily quest based, there are lots of stuff a player must do in one day already and it's not worth the clutter (GR, CR, Mistmerrow, Halcy, Vocation Quests, Boss hunting etc)

3. Add Dawnsdrop gear to the game. Ofc the proficiency bonuses it gives are too powerfull so please nerf that, all we really want is the 3-stack speed bonus it gives, not to mention how good the t4 looks.

4. Labour Stipents. It'd be nice if we could craft BOUND Labour Stipents at a lower price, e.g. to craft a 300 Labour potion you need to use 500 Labour. for 700 you need 1000. This should help those players that can login just for a few mins a day that are in a hurry or etc. It could also be a good alternative for the 5k labour capacity - this way those that have too much labour can still get some later use, and those that actually use the labour daily will feel no change.

5. Make the proficiency skills be account wide instead of per character. Since the prof system will get reworked and people will be limited with one account, this should really increase the actual accomplishment of being a pro in your craft instead of having 1 character that does almost all for you.

6. Proficiency reworked? Make a new section on the forums with topics for each prof that way players can drop in suggestions and as time goes on you can just update the main post with the changes. Weekly discord votes can also be a thing so players can say if said changes would be good/bad. 


Insert, why you keep spamming the forums?  - I have nothing else to live for. Make AA Great again.

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1) We may consider polling the community about this, but it's a pretty creative tactic that generally isn't very detrimental.

2) We would like to avoid having tons of braindead dailies to do, but we may add some to help encourage PvP, like a daily for killing 100 enemy players in diamond shores during wartime for example. Our main focus will be on creating completely new custom content for you guys.

3) Dawnsdrop is in the game. We have discussed possibly making it upgradeable to have decent combat stats as well.

4) We will probably have labor stipends in the calander that everyone can access for logging in daily, but it is unlikely we will add them anywhere else.

5) Ideally, we would like people to play on one character, so I don't think we will implement something like this. 

6) I'll make this right now. 🙂

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