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  1. Ok I've voted Yes, but purely as a cosmetic (no racial transformation, no specific starting zones). I did this because well we're suppose to be on a more classic version of the game and while these races weren't introduced until a later date I'm still trying to be mindful of what it might of been like had they been in the game at launch. I'm also trying to maintain balance and keep things to be more true to the races.. When I think of a Dwarf the 1st thing that comes to mind is like the ones from WoW which if you look at Ironforge and the building and all that such I feel the Nuian passives make perfect sense.. Nui's Blessing Nuian returning from death receive a 10% boost in combat for 10 minutes. Warrior Architects Decreases the amount of time required to construct buildings/houses. It makes sense and feels balanced.. at least to me.. and not just WoW but other games with Dwarfs as well they always seem to have this builders passive or good at a building profession etc.. ___________________________________________ Warborne is a lil bit harder because I've never heard of the race or anything that might resemble it so the best I can say would be the Hariani Portal Mastery Reduces the cooldown and cast time of the Recall ability by 30%. Jungle Tamers Increases logging and gathering speed by 10%. they make sense since if you look at their lore Warborn were dragon hunters so I'd say they were excellent survivalist and did well with being in the forests etc.. no other passive look like they would fit this class and other passives could also make the class unbalanced maybe? idk this is my opinion and my take on it all.
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