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  1. Please discuss your ideas about the skills system in this thread. If you come up with a well thought out idea, create a topic about it in the Suggestions area of the forums so it doesn't get buried.
  2. Please discuss your ideas about the proficiencies system in this thread. If you come up with a well thought out idea, create a topic about it in the Suggestions area of the forums so it doesn't get buried.
  3. Nut


    1) We may consider polling the community about this, but it's a pretty creative tactic that generally isn't very detrimental. 2) We would like to avoid having tons of braindead dailies to do, but we may add some to help encourage PvP, like a daily for killing 100 enemy players in diamond shores during wartime for example. Our main focus will be on creating completely new custom content for you guys. 3) Dawnsdrop is in the game. We have discussed possibly making it upgradeable to have decent combat stats as well. 4) We will probably have labor stipends in the calander that everyone can access for logging in daily, but it is unlikely we will add them anywhere else. 5) Ideally, we would like people to play on one character, so I don't think we will implement something like this. 6) I'll make this right now.
  4. Coinpurse jackpots will be in, we will decide the rates and payouts later in the balancing phase of development. I believe Guild capes will be in, as we are using the 3.5 client which includes the guild shop. We'd like to avoid cheese mechanics like destroying your own ship repeatedly to farm gold. We have plans for possibly adding more non-punishing RNG to trade packs and fishing already and generally just making those mechanics more fun and interesting.
  5. Nut

    Greater Dungeons

    Greater Dungeons will most likely be in, although we will make changes to them to make sure that they aren't glitchable for example.
  6. Okay so somebody will have to manually translate all of the 300,000+ values in the localized texts table. Even then, I'm not sure how hard it will be to add another locale to the game that doesn't exist already.
  7. 3.5 Client Progress Hello Everyone! Sorry for the lack of communication over the last few weeks, we have been hard at work getting the 3.5 client back up to the point we were at with the 1.2 client. What is working We almost have everything back to the point we were at with the 1.2 client on everything but skills, and in some cases we have actually made further progress. We decided to start working with some of the core developers from AAEmu a few weeks ago, and we combined alot of our code so we could collaboratively work towards getting the 3.5 server going ASAP. We have cleared all the major hurdles to working with the 3.5 client like packet encryption and manipulating the sqlite database, so now we are full steam ahead on getting all of the essential functionality of the game working. Some examples of some of the things we have working now are: Character Creation for all 6 races including dwarf and warborn Looting dead NPC's and opening coinpurses All the essential functions of manipulating items in your inventory (stacking, moving, splitting, using, etc.) Moving around in the world and between zones A mostly completed auction house and mailing system Optimized some behind the scenes systems and functions Fixes for buying from NPC merchants Guild and Family creation Updated NPC and doodad spawns to 3.5's locations A bunch of minor fixes to some systems like skills, crafting, chat and commands. Please take note that we are currently working on just getting all the essential systems to work as intended before we start balancing or changing them back to how they worked in 1.2. When will the next Testing Phase be? Although we are making a ton of progress, there is still a significant amount of work left to be done on skills before we open the next testing phase, which will mainly be focused on combat testing. We still think there will be a few weeks before we get combat up to the standards everyone is expecting, but as soon as the emulator hits that point we will open up testing to you guys.
  8. All locales available in the NA/EU Trion client will be included on our server, I don't know if that includes traditional Chinese.
  9. What if we make it so that you can choose one of any of the racials regardless of race (and potentially add custom, more useful ones?)
  10. Please read the last line of the blog.
  11. We will probably poll what exactly we want to do with it. We know for sure we want to get rid of the buoyancy mechanic, and generally make boarding the main tactic for naval warfare, which involves either removing or heavily nerfing the ship regrading mechanics. We will probably add subs and sunken ships, but we will almost certainly not add perdita statues (I know you didn't ask about those, but I just wanted to clarify).
  12. As of right now, we will not be enabling the ship component regrading/crafting feature. This may change if the community decides that they want it. We will balance deep sea fishing, but all spots will not be marlin. We have some good ideas for making fishing more interesting (eg. small chance for fishing crates/treasure chests) We will have patch notes, as well as tools to view all the properties of all the items/skills/etc in the game.
  13. The impact of this change will only delay us for a week or two I believe, we are almost done with the encryption stuff for 3.5, and after that we just have to fix up all the packets and we are where we were at with the beta client.
  14. The Game Client This week's development blog is about the game client. You might have been wondering why we didn't put out a dev blog last week, and that is because we decided that we needed to change the version of the client that we are going to work on. Some Background: What is "The Client"? You may have heard people talking about the client, but what exactly is it referencing? The client is game's executable (Archeage.exe), it's dll files, and the game_pak (including the sqlite database within it). These files all have their own purposes. The game's executable and dlls contain all of the major functions of the game, for example: when you press the w key to move forward, that would be interpreted and executed through these files. Changes to the executable and DLLs are not easy to make, and have to either be injected at runtime or we have to modify their assembly (which is incredibly difficult as Trion protected these files with a tool called Themida). The game_pak file contains all of the games assets: the models, animations, lua interface scripts, textures, world data, etc. We haven't really explored the boundaries for what is possible for us to change in the game pack, but we are 100% certain we can modify the interface scripts. Lastly, the sqlite database contains the definitions and properties for basically everything data-wise in the game: how much damage skills do, what icons items have, what regrade levels there are, how much xp is needed to get to 55, etc. This is very easy for us to modify, and gives us almost complete control over every item, skill, price, mount, etc. in the game. The Old Client: What was wrong with it? The client we were using up until a little more than a week ago was a NA beta client (very close to version 1.2) which we found out was a pre-1.2 build that was unfinished. For example, the function to send the packet telling the server that the player was sending a family invite didn't exist, and Triple slash was a hybrid between the KR "non-ping" version where it was 3 separate skills, and the NA "ping" version that was in NA 1.2, which made it not work properly. We then realized that we needed to switch client versions, as the list of hard to fix problems was just going to get bigger the more of the server we developed. The New Client: NA Version - And Why? We will be using the NA Client. Before you guys riot, let us clarify that all content and systems that were introduced from after 1.2 will be either heavily modified, or straight up disabled to keep the general feel and experience of 1.2. That means, no gear past delphinad will be available, ship components will not be regradable, dungeon gear will work as it did in 1.2 (regradable with weapon/armor scrolls, aria's autograph will not be obtainable), the trade system will work as it did in 1.2, deep sea fishing pools will only give you 1 type of fish (eg. different sizes of marlins), etc. We will go over each individual feature as we get to developing it with you guys, and make sure that our server is as close to your idea of a perfect server as possible. The main point we are trying to make is: it doesn't matter which client we use, we are going to make sure all of the crappy features added since 1.2 (like the new trade system for example) are not enabled or modified to be like how they were in 1.2. We mainly chose 3.5 because we felt it has a good balance between having old systems intact, and having a bunch of new systems that we can modify or build custom content for you guys off of. There are also several other reasons why we decided to upgrade to 3.5: We don't have to port the server over from an earlier version like 1.2 to 3.X once 1.2 content is no longer a challenge (this would essentially mean we would have to re-develop a majority of the server once it came time to do this) We have a much larger number of systems and mechanics to work with for custom content (abyssal/ancestral skills, Erenor Gear, mistmerrow, abyssal attack, and all the other content from after 1.2 is basically a blank slate that we can do what we want with). We have a significant amount of information and tools we need to use 3.5's client rather than most of the other clients (packet structures, the packet encryption methods, etc.) that will reduce the time needed to transition to 3.5 significantly. As much as we would have liked to use the 1.2 Client, there are actually more protections on it than there are on the 3.5 client that would make the development process significantly longer and more difficult, for a client that we would be upgrading out of eventually anyway. I don't like feature X of 3.5, how can I stop you guys from implementing it on Genesis? Like I mentioned before, we will be going over features as we get to developing them with the community, as well as in the testing and balancing phases. You guys can (and should) also voice your concerns, opinions, suggestions, or debate other community members on game mechanics in our discord or in this thread, we read everything and our #1 concern is making sure as many of you guys and girls are happy with the direction of this server's development as possible. The development and management team is all really excited to get the server up and running, and we are aiming to have it released by the end of q3-q4 this year (as mentioned in the last dev blog). Thanks for reading!
  15. Nut

    Sport Fishing

    We will balance fishing to make it more viable, how we are going to do that is not decided yet.
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