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  1. Signups are now closed, you all will be messaged with your username and password for login aswell as added to the testing group in Discord.
  2. Hi All, this past week we were focusing on fixing stability issues, character corruption and overall bug fixes that have been reported on our test server. There has been lots of testing going on and back end changes to solve current issues we are facing with character corruption and other issues. We will continue to focus on these major issues before continuing regular development. Gameplay Changes / Additions Skills, Abilities, and Combat Skill cooldowns have now been implemented server side Commands Added a /debug command which displays information to help us identify character issues Changed /help to display all commands in an easy to read format Test Server Specific /say is now universal language, you no longer need language proficiency to be able to read /say chat /kit regrade now properly gives multi sets of items instead of just single /kit expansions will now give you multiple expansion scrolls Fixed the /tp command, you will no longer go invisible when porting Gemming is a 100% chance on test server currently Inventory Cleaned up a lot of the inventory code Bugfixes Fixed up some of the honor code that was throwing null references Fixed bag expansions, now when you expand a bag using the extra slots will no longer crash your game Fixed a bug where equipping 7 set plate armor would crash your game Fixed a bug where shops would not allowed fixed grade items to be bought Fixed a bug where shops would crash your client if you sold too many items too quickly Fixed a bug where items would not update to current item status on the regrade window Fixed a bug where fear would never end
  3. I'm sorry but the official staff will remain anonymous and will defer from posting "bios" or experience related posts about themselves for obvious reasons. What I can say is, the developers are experienced developers and we listen to the community as much as we can. There are currently community helpers in discord that serve as moderators and people who help us with tasks such as gathering data. They have no right to ban or push judgement on your game account. They also relay information we may have missed within the discord chats or forum post and push concerns to our immediate attention.
  4. Hi All, this weeks dev blog is a little short as we have been preparing our internal test server, we ran into many issues today but we would like to thank all of the testers that came out to help us. We resolved a lot of bugs, and found new ones and we hope this is the case for the weeks to come! Gameplay Changes / Additions Skills, Abilities, and Combat Skills can no longer combo with themselves Skilltrees levels cannot go higher than level 55 The first 3 skilltrees selected now match the character's level and exp amount Major additions to the combat system overall Fixed a bug where you would not be able to cast anymore after certain interactions Fixed a bug when targeting doodads (doodads are essentially objects in the game) Working on skills that spawn doodads (bonecage, flame barrier, etc.) Dueling System Dueling has mostly been implemented (several big issues that are being worked on) Commands Added a permission system for commands Added sub-levels of commands with different permissions levels Revamped, consolidated, and improved all commands to be more user friendly First mythic!!
  5. I feel as if you aren't here for anything but a witch-hunt. When you have something more useful to say without being passive aggressive you can come back and make another thread instead of trying to expose anyone. If you wanted us to be more transparent, or open about anything you wouldn't be trying to threaten us. Locking this thread for not being useful and nonconstructive. Next time post on a main account.
  6. Hi Guys! Here is this week's devblog, as this may not be as long as the past ones it is just as much work or if not more. We recently have had two of our developers run into some real life stuff so it's been a little bit slower on our end. However we are still pushing a lot of updates, implementations, and fixes. Gameplay Changes / Additions Skills, Abilities, and Combat Skill Ranks are now displaying properly Skill Trees now properly reset when you change a skill tree (you lose abilities from previous tree) Renamed poorly named classes Passive buffs are now applied with activated and removed when skill trees reset Available skill points are now accurately represented Skill trees levels no longer exceed level 55 Skills are now properly doing combo effects Skills derived from learned skills are now allowed to be casted Targeting is now properly functioning Base combat system was implemented Combat cycle now properly functions (in-combat state, combat end, combat begin) Triple Slash, Mana Stars, Endless arrows have been switched to their "non ping" versions A lot of skills have been updated and majority are now on towards their working state General Additions / Changes All teleport book locations have now been added into the game (Thanks Xersees, Neui, Aryan, Pepega(Kitty) for making this into a community completed effort! ) Respawn Locations have roughly been added in (This will be completed when the internal test server launches with the help of some testers) Misc Created the /scale command which allows us to change the scaling of any NPC/Mob in the game, which will allow for some cool features, mini bosses, and mini pets in the future.
  7. None of these changes are guaranteed, and yes the trip immunity will be removed.
  8. Hi Guys! Currently we are still on schedule for the release of the internal test server this coming Saturday. This week's devblog is more geared towards changes we are going to be doing in-game and discussion of the sever overall. Gameplay Changes / Additions Skills and Abilities Implemented Mana consumption General fixes to the skills system / framework Implemented Cooldowns & Global Cooldowns Localization fixes Mount, vehicle, house, faction names are now all in English Mirage Purchasing items with Gilda, Lord's Coins, etc. in Mirage is now functional Honor Gemming Honor gems will now cost 10k honor per gem and will be tradable with a 100% socket rate Gear Weapon Swapping is now functional, a 2-handed weapon is correctly identified as a 2-handed weapon, same with other weapon types (equipping an offhand, etc. will remove the equipped 2h vice versa) We have not added in the GCD for weapon swapping, this means there will be no penalty for players being able to swap weapons quickly Implemented weapon type buffs (equipped dual wield, 2h, shield, etc) Item Binding on equip is now functional Item Imaging is now functional Armor Grade / Type / Equip Buffs are now completely implemented and working together (ex: Full leather set buff + Mythic Leather Buff + Equip effects for each piece of equipment) Item Additions Wave is now a craftable proc for daggers after magnificent (ex epherium wave, delphinad wave) Life is now a proc for bows after illustrious (magnificent life, epherium life, delphinad life) Internal Test / Test Server commands Revamp of some of the /kit commands /kit clake- this will give you a full set of cloth celestial delphinad lake gear /kit cwave- this will give you a full set of cloth celestial delphinad wave gear /kit lgale - this will give you a full set of leather celestial delphinad gale /kit lsquall - this will give you a full set of leather celestial delphinad squall /kit clife - this will give you a full set of cloth celestial delphinad life /kit cstone - this will give you a full set of cloth celestial delphinad stone /kit lflame - this will give you a full set of leather celestial delphinad flame gear /kit ldesert - this will give you a full set of leather celestial delphinad desert gear /kit llightning- this will give you a full set of leather celestial delphinad lightning gear /kit pflame - this will give you a full set of plate celestial delphinad flame gear /kit pdesert - this will give you a full set of plate celestial delphinad desert gear /kit pearth - this will give you a full set of plate celestial delphinad earth gear /kit hweapons - this will give you a set of celestial delphinad healer weapons /kit meweapons - this will give you a set of celestial delphinad melee weapons /kit aweapons - this will give you a set of celestial delphinad archer weapons /kit maweapons - this will give you a set of celestial delphinad mage weapons /kit wacc - this will give you a set of celestial delphinad wave accessories /kit gacc - this will give you a set of celestial delphinad gale accessories /kit lacc - this will give you a set of celestial delphinad life accessories /kit eacc - this will give you a set of celestial delphinad earth accessories /add_gold change ( parameters are now /add_gold <gold> <silver> <copper> Skills and Abilities (cont.) Before we jump into this, we wanted to share with the community a ROUGH version of some of the skill / abilities changes we are going to be implementing in the game. Overall we do not want to change the immediate feel of 1.2 archeage, but the at the same time we wanted to make useless passives and abilities useful. We also wanted to give archers the love that was needed. All of these changes are subject to not be implemented because they have not been as of yet, or subject to be completely changed/scraped. As we continue into development, we will release these changes on the devblog if we do add them in. These changes at the current state will most likely be implemented with some more discussion. The ? next to abilities means they are most likely to change, currently discussing the changes to be implemented. ARCHERY: General: Change damage reduction from 20% to 10% target if within 8m Intensity: Will now have a Cooldown of 45s from 1 minute and the duration of the buff will be increased from 15s to 20s Boneyard: will now deal ranged attack damage over magic attack damage Double Recurve: will now additionally grant 8% ranged crit damage Endless Arrows: Combos with poison, dealing an extra 33% damage on poisoned targets Sharpshooting Passive: Range Critical Rate increase from 3% to 10% Snare: The effect range of snare will be increased from 5m to 8m range Missle Rain: is now an instant cast ability Eagle Eyes Passive: The ranged crit rate has been increased from 2% to 5% Charged Bolt: The slow debuff duration from charged bolt has been increased to 4s from 2.5s Snipe: Is now a targeted ability instead of a skillshot BATTLERAGE: Puncture Passive: Change Physical Defense decrease from -2000 to -1000, increase the duration to 8s Deflect and Retaliate Passive: Now can only be triggered every 10s from 3s Sunder Earth: Change Cast Time to .5s., Increase reducing received damage to -30% for 10 seconds / Change Move Speed decrease from -60% to -80% Bondbreaker: The buff timer from bondbreaker has been decreased to 2s from 4s additionally it will now only reduce 25% melee/ranged damage from the original 50% SORCERY: Insulating Lens: Insulating lens will now be an instant cast ability with the duration of 30s for the buff Freezing Earth: Will now snare 100% of the time Mana Pool Passive: ? AURAMANCY: Leech: Sleep duration from leech will now be 5s with a -50% reduction in PvP combat Shrug It Off: The buff from shrug it off will now only last 2s from 4s additionally it will now only reduce 25% magic damage from the original 50% Health Lift: is now an AOE raid / party spell instead of single target DEFENSE: Imprison: will now only last 10s instead of 20s OCCULTISM: Crippling Mire: is no longer a channeled ability, rather it will be an instant cast with a timer Enhanced Mana Recovery Passive: ? Caster's Enrichment Passive: Crippling mire now will go to 4 targets within 5 meters Absorb Lifeforce: ? Retribution: will now be a party based damage absorb, that will absorb 2.000 damage, There will be a 1.5min CD on this ability and it will be instant cast Mana force: ? Intensified Harm Passive: will now only increase magical critical damage by 25% from 50% when receiving a critical hit. WITCHCRAFT: Earthen Grip: The combo from enervate + earthen grip will now return less healing to the caster Baleful Recharge Passive: Now have moved from 8th skill point passive to 4th slot Illusion's Favor Passive: Now has moved from 4 skill point passive to 8th slot, Illusion's Favor will now TBD Augment Witchcraft Passive: Now additionally makes bubble an AOE, trapping up to 4 targets within 5 meters of the original target Bubble Trap: Targets now in a bubble trap will take -30% less damage SONGCRAFT: Zeal Passive: Change to Every successful Critical Damage / Critical Healing effect increases all Critical rates (including Healing) +5% and all Critical Damage/Critical Healing +100% for 6s. This ability has a 12s cooldown once triggered. Hummingbird Ditty: is now an AOE raid / party spell instead of single target VITALISM: Antithesis: is now based off of healing power instead of magic attack Defiance Passive: Increased the value of Magic Defense given from +500 to +1000 Infuse:Add health restoration without consumption of caster's health (based on heal power + base value) Skewer: is now based off of healing power instead of magic attack, the cast time has been changed to 1s and the effect meter range is now 7m Aranzeb's Boon: is now an AOE raid / party spell instead of single target Twilight: Is now an AOE Rez with a 15 minute CD Mana cost: 600, Cast Time 7.0s, Range 0-25m, Revives 5 allies and restores 40% of health and mana, all allies rezzed with this ability will have a 15 minute debuff from being rezzed by twilight again. Castable in combat SHADOWPLAY: Shadowstep: no longer has the 50% chance to reset, the cooldown has been changed from 30s to 12s Overwhelm: will no longer combo with stalker's mark to trip targets Stalkers Mark: The "Increases received damage" from all damage will now only increase ranged damage Backdrop: now also eliminates the Cast Time on Concussive arrow / eliminates cast time on Mend Toxic Shot: poison will now last 8s instead of 4s I want to reiterate that these changes ARE NOT final, they are something we have been talking about and want you guys to see what we have been working on and the direction we wanted to take things in. We also wanted some feedback on this as well. There are a few more changes coming soon and we will update you guys in dev blogs as they come. Cash Shop / Credit Currency This is another touchy subject, I want you all to know this is a ROUGH design of what our cash shop will look like on launch, As we have been stating before we will not be adding luckies, regrade points, superior red regrade charms, red charms, etc. into the cash shop or RNG boxes. Therefore we have increase the price of cosmetics in our cash shop as a way to generate revenue for the server. Credits: $5 = 800 $10 = 1700 $20 = 3500 $50 = 9000 $100 = 20000 Anywhere Mailbox / Warehouse: 1500 credits Costumes: 2000 credits RNG Boxes: 250 credits? (mounts, gliders, costumes) Our RNG boxes will include something called a "Genesis Token" where you will have a chance to get one of these tokens and after you acquire a certain amount you will be able to go into mirage and purchase a costume or some sort of cosmetic from a vendor there. These tokens will be tradable and can be sold on the AH. TRAVEL TAB: Basic Gliders: 800 credits Customization: 300 credits Plushie Pets: 1200 credits Base Mounts: 300 credits Mirage Mounts: 1000 credits Armageddon Pet Armor: 300 credits per GENERAL TAB: Green Regrade Charm (bound?): 100 credits Blue Regrade Charm (bound?): 200 credits Yellow regrade charm (bound?): 300 credits Superior yellow regrade charm (bound?): 1000 credits Tonics: 40 credits each Vocation Tonic: 300 credits Language Prof Book: 300 credits Super Armor / Weapon Temper: 200 credits Expansion Scrolls: 200 credits each HOUSING TAB: Wagon Upgrade Ticket: 1000 Credits Otherworld Storage Chest: 1000 credits Misc Items: 200 Credits Misc Housing decor: 100 credits Name change : 1200 credits Guild name change : 3000 credits Special title : 3250 credits (750 credits for title change) Special title system: We will implement a system where you can make your own custom title in the game that can mimic any titles stats that you have currently in your titles list, you can only purchase one custom title, if you wish the change the titles name or the stats to mimic a different title that you have it will be a 750 credit charge Image Items 2000 credits We will sell images on the market place (Ayanad, Obisidian, etc.)
  9. I am going to go ahead an close this poll since it will not be approved by staff, we are willing to let pirates go to karkasse but we will not implement this change.
  10. Just a reminder you have to be in discord to have the internal test role assigned to you, otherwise you will not be added
  11. Not as of yet, we have been focusing fully on in-game development currently.
  12. Hi Guys! We have had another full week of development and progress here on the Genesis Team, below is our progress for the last week and some announcements regarding the internal testing server. Gameplay Changes / Additions Skills and Abilities We have been working a lot more on skills and abilities since the last update, we are implementing more and move over time and adding in the combat system slowly Fixed skill targeting on abilities / skills Fixed casting for abilities / skills In-Game Mailing In-game mailing is now fully functional with items, gold, slow, express and all error messages Account Status Account statuses are now fully implemented (ban & reasons, block & reasons, etc.) Error Messages Added all of the "Red Error Messages" when an action cannot be completed (ex: inventory is full) Gear All gear stats are now functional Equip effects are now functional (green text) Weapon buffs are now functional (two-handed, dual wield, shield, etc.) Hidden passives are now functional Item Binding is now functional Internal Test / Test Server commands /kit command has now been implemented for internal testing / test server purposes /kit mage - this will give you a full set of divine delphinad wave/lake gear with a set of weapons and gems, tempers /kit archer - this will give you a full set of divine delphinad squall/gale gear with a set of weapons and gems. tempers /kit healer - this will give you a full set of divine delphinad life/stone gear with a set of weapons and gems, tempers /kit melee - this will give you a full set of divine delphinad desert/flame gear with a set of weapons and gems, tempers /kit naval - this will give you a clipper, galleon, fishing boat, and steel ammo /kit crafting - this will give you archeum, characoal, and various other mats /kit housing - this will give you various housing designs mansions, cottages, thatched, etc. /kit pots - this will give you various consumables /kit regrade - this will give you a set of regrade scrolls, luckies, charms /add_honor <amount> - this will give your character honor /add_gold <amount> - this will give your character gold /add_labor <amount> - this will give your character labor Internal Testing We will be leaving the Internal Testing sign-ups open for a few more days to give more people the opportunity to sign up. Launcher We have started to work on a functional launcher, props to @Peep for the first design of our launcher! It looks amazing
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