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  2. IGN: Narzick Discord ID: Narzick#6120 Guild: too many to list but currently none Patches Played: Korean Alpha to Current patch and everyone of them in between Years Played: Since korean alpha in like 2012 I believe it was? Focus (PvP, PvE, Farming, etc.): PvP, Trading, Fishing, Land Baron, Farming
  3. Ok I've voted Yes, but purely as a cosmetic (no racial transformation, no specific starting zones). I did this because well we're suppose to be on a more classic version of the game and while these races weren't introduced until a later date I'm still trying to be mindful of what it might of been like had they been in the game at launch. I'm also trying to maintain balance and keep things to be more true to the races.. When I think of a Dwarf the 1st thing that comes to mind is like the ones from WoW which if you look at Ironforge and the building and all that such I feel the Nuian passives make perfect sense.. Nui's Blessing Nuian returning from death receive a 10% boost in combat for 10 minutes. Warrior Architects Decreases the amount of time required to construct buildings/houses. It makes sense and feels balanced.. at least to me.. and not just WoW but other games with Dwarfs as well they always seem to have this builders passive or good at a building profession etc.. ___________________________________________ Warborne is a lil bit harder because I've never heard of the race or anything that might resemble it so the best I can say would be the Hariani Portal Mastery Reduces the cooldown and cast time of the Recall ability by 30%. Jungle Tamers Increases logging and gathering speed by 10%. they make sense since if you look at their lore Warborn were dragon hunters so I'd say they were excellent survivalist and did well with being in the forests etc.. no other passive look like they would fit this class and other passives could also make the class unbalanced maybe? idk this is my opinion and my take on it all.
  4. IGN: Pny Discord ID: pny#7409 Guild: n/a Patches Played: all since beta Years played: like 6 Focus: PvE, PvP, pirating, sieges etc
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    Dev Blog #10: Skill System Progress

    When is the next update?
  6. Hey there demons it's me, ya boi. Farming. -Increase Royal Seed vendor item price (2-5 gold) and increase it's droprate from plants. This way the sadistic ones that like to single plant would have an income boost, and it wouldn't be too overpowered since not all the players will start doing it. -Higher farming skills give a higher chance to collect multiple items. Explains intself. Fishing. -Low chance when AFK farming to get an item that you can simply vendor for some coins. An old boot worth 50s-1g, a piece of a crate (see below) that you need 5 pieces to combine into a Complete Crate, a Bottle with Request inside (see exploration) -A chance when sport fishing of getting a Complete Crate. What's that? Welp, a crate you open for a treasure. It can be straight out gold, some ship component bags or Grawling Yawn designs. Gathering. -Similar with Farming but with Scented Leaf instead of Royal Seed. Husbandry. -Eh.... oof..... eheh..... some increased mount movement speed maybe?Also chance to gather more items. Larceny. -I already made a topic about this in suggestions. Logging. -Higher chance of TS tree. -Low chance of a planted tree to skip some growth stages.(so instead of sapling it goes straight to young). Mining. -I think the Fortuna Veins work properly for mining... altho I think the labor cost for mining should be reduced a bit... or the ressources output increased, it always seemed extremply unrewarding to be a miner. Alchemy. -It already has so many uses and Alchemists are in high demand most of the times. Commerce. -Increase the value of packs for higher tiers. Also you could increase the movement speed while carrying a pack(through a title or could modify warborn passive). Construction. -Limit players to maximum 2 plots of land. Additional buildings are unlocked after a certain Construction prof has been reached. 50k - 3 plots, 100k- 4 plots, MAX- 5 plots. This should put a stop to barons. Cooking. -Yes. Machining. -Allow us to create automatons. Hehe, what I mean is make it possible to craft items such as: Sharpwind Mines Drill(multiple uses), Greenhouses for plants(like the ones from Daru Cauldron event, except they are not single use, Greenhouse can be used max 5 times- once you collect one it starts regrowing), Animal Pens(not the ones from Husbandry, these are similar to Greenhouses, multiple uses) With each Machining rank that goes up you have a chance to "trick" the machine and not consume one of their ticks (say the drill can be used a max of 5 times, a MAX rank in Machining can maybe trick it a few times <RNG> and use it up to 8-10 times) The drill/greenhouse/animal pen from above should be crafted with something that's not so common, a Thunderstruck Tree Log for example or Masonry. -Yes. Artistry. -Sing for buffs or for money! Add a new item (a sheet) that once used, you will start singing, the effect cannot be cancelled and it last for 5-10 minutes. At the end of the effect your labour is drained a bit (30-50) and one of 3 thing happen: People around you (maybe in an Ode radius) get THEIR labour replenished (20-30), they get a small buff(hp/mp/regen/etc) or you can get some gold in your inventory. Higher ranks in Artistry allow you to create specific sheets (for buff/labour/gold) and allow you to sing for a longer time. This could populate the main cities :). Printing. -Yes. -Maybe we can craft grimoires with printing for exp/drop/hp-mp regen. Exploration. -Let us explore, beside the treasure maps (if they will be added) we can also use Bottle with Request to get a randomized quest (similar with the ones you get daily at reset. Craft X pack, Kill Y monster, Participate in Z event) -Higher prof in Exploration increases the rewards and the droprate of Bottle with request (they could drop from sea mobs, auroria mobs or just from AFK fishing) Handicraft/Weaponry/Tailoring/Carpentry/Metalwork. Remove tempering items from the game. A higher rank in one of those profs gives a higher chance of natural temper that can be up to 110%. At max rank you have a very low chance of achieving a 115% or 120% I say again that this should be very low, a 120% item should be legendary, something the poets in the main cities shall sing about while the owner of account sleeps. Maybe, just MAYBE with each succesfull legendary temper craft, the chance increases for that crafter, that way we would have legendary crafters ! imagine most guilds fighting to get them in their ranks.
  7. Please discuss your ideas about the skills system in this thread. If you come up with a well thought out idea, create a topic about it in the Suggestions area of the forums so it doesn't get buried.
  8. Please discuss your ideas about the proficiencies system in this thread. If you come up with a well thought out idea, create a topic about it in the Suggestions area of the forums so it doesn't get buried.
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    1) We may consider polling the community about this, but it's a pretty creative tactic that generally isn't very detrimental. 2) We would like to avoid having tons of braindead dailies to do, but we may add some to help encourage PvP, like a daily for killing 100 enemy players in diamond shores during wartime for example. Our main focus will be on creating completely new custom content for you guys. 3) Dawnsdrop is in the game. We have discussed possibly making it upgradeable to have decent combat stats as well. 4) We will probably have labor stipends in the calander that everyone can access for logging in daily, but it is unlikely we will add them anywhere else. 5) Ideally, we would like people to play on one character, so I don't think we will implement something like this. 6) I'll make this right now.
  10. Coinpurse jackpots will be in, we will decide the rates and payouts later in the balancing phase of development. I believe Guild capes will be in, as we are using the 3.5 client which includes the guild shop. We'd like to avoid cheese mechanics like destroying your own ship repeatedly to farm gold. We have plans for possibly adding more non-punishing RNG to trade packs and fishing already and generally just making those mechanics more fun and interesting.
  11. IGN: Zish Discord ID: TriHard#1663 Guild: n/a Patches Played: 2.0, 2.5, 2.9, 3.0, 3.5, 4.5, 5.0, 5.1, 5.3 Years played: 4? Focus: PvE, PvP
  12. IGN: Laa Discord ID: Laa#2741 Guild: N/A Patches Played: Alpha - 4.0 Years Played: 6-7? Focus (PvP, PvE, Farming, etc.): PvP, arenas, mob farming, gathering/farming, trade running, dungeons, world boss, abyssal, luscas, speedboat, stealing cheese larders, pirating *-*, and regrading.
  13. Cry in faction chat as usual? Find a way to buy a castle with a dead guild to feel relevent?
  14. IGN: halfmastcock Discord ID: johnsmith#3947 Guild: N/A Patches Played: 2.9-3.5 Years Played: 3 Interests = pvp/pve
  15. Invitation has been expired. Could you send a new one?
  16. https://discord.gg/Vnddsu
  17. Is there a discord where we can see frequent updates?
  18. From FAQ on the Discord server: Q: Can I play in the same house as my relative? From the same IP? A: Yes, our anticheat will not be based solely off of IP address, however, accounts being played on from the same location will be watched closer to make sure they are not being used as an alt account.
  19. Hi I wanted a very detailed information from an admin if possible I played several years on Russian AA sever with my family my wife and my son both in the same house but with 3 different PCs and I had no problem after the admin had me said I could do it ... Now I tried another private server and asked the same question and was told that it was possible and now after 2 weeks of play we were banned ... and after 3 days of discussions they took away my ban and then after 8 hours of new ban I don't know what anticheat they use but if you give me the permissions then you can't ban me ... since I do not want to waste my time I would ask the admin if in this server when it comes out it will be possible to play with my wife and my son with 3 different PCs on this server thanks
  20. IGN: Insertname Discord ID: That One Twat:2600 Guild: N/A Patches Played: 2.9 3.0 3.5 4.0 Years Played: 2-3 years Focus: PvP PvE Farming Crafting
  21. This would be interesting, especially if the East and West quests did not stack with eachother, that way once one faction is done with theirs they can hop on the other continent and start the pvp for their quest
  22. So after some debates with the peeps in Discord we came up with some of these suggestions: 1. Don't allow mount/pet name changes, that way we can still use the /target command in PvP without tagging a lvl 30 hedgehog. 2. Limit the dailies. If you're gonna add new content please don't make all of it daily quest based, there are lots of stuff a player must do in one day already and it's not worth the clutter (GR, CR, Mistmerrow, Halcy, Vocation Quests, Boss hunting etc) 3. Add Dawnsdrop gear to the game. Ofc the proficiency bonuses it gives are too powerfull so please nerf that, all we really want is the 3-stack speed bonus it gives, not to mention how good the t4 looks. 4. Labour Stipents. It'd be nice if we could craft BOUND Labour Stipents at a lower price, e.g. to craft a 300 Labour potion you need to use 500 Labour. for 700 you need 1000. This should help those players that can login just for a few mins a day that are in a hurry or etc. It could also be a good alternative for the 5k labour capacity - this way those that have too much labour can still get some later use, and those that actually use the labour daily will feel no change. 5. Make the proficiency skills be account wide instead of per character. Since the prof system will get reworked and people will be limited with one account, this should really increase the actual accomplishment of being a pro in your craft instead of having 1 character that does almost all for you. 6. Proficiency reworked? Make a new section on the forums with topics for each prof that way players can drop in suggestions and as time goes on you can just update the main post with the changes. Weekly discord votes can also be a thing so players can say if said changes would be good/bad. Insert, why you keep spamming the forums? - I have nothing else to live for. Make AA Great again.
  23. Yeah I agree with the electricity bill thing but if they set the actual donations to be crypto based (gamigo might force them into that like trion did to rage) that would be an alternative for some, I know some donors from rage that didn't donate anymore once they turned crypto. Not to mention kids that live with parents and don't have money to donate
  24. If the payout is for credits that can only be used on cosmetic items only (Things that cant later be sold for gold). Then I think this could be a cool side way for the devs to make some extra money and players to get come cosmetic items if they dont want to directly buy credits (However the cost of mining from electricity would almost be just as much as if they just bought credits anyway depending on the alt coin they chose to mine)
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